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The Indigi Golden Herbal Academy is one of the most fruitful online herbal platforms for POC and especially for WOC. Jenelyse and Alyssa along side traditional healers, Indigenous practitioners, gardeners, and farmers make the heart of this platform beat. The IGHA mission is to bring the importance of farming, healing from the land, and relying on mother nature to all POC who hear the calling to reawaken the ways of their ancestors. "All of our ancestors lived this way", says Ifarike. With a Bachelors of Science Degree in Alternative Medicine from one of the leading non-profit environmental schools in the states, Everglades University, Ifarike has found her calling in teaching natural medicine and making products to improve the lives of everyone around her. The goal is to teach others the way of the humble, simple, informed, and enlightened healer. IGHA has partnered up with various farms in Africa and created long lasting relationships with Indigenous scholars, influencers, healers, and spirit runners. The IGHA platform was birthed in 2018 on a farm in Ojai California after devastating fires swept through the land, calling forth the need for renewal. This platform has been a light in a dark tunnel for many and will continue shinning the light of decolonization, ancestral veneration, Goddess worship, earth works, farming, gardening, herbalism, and vitalism to all who seek transformation and healing in this time. 



Indigi Golden Herbals:  Indigigoldenherbalacademy@gmail.com

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