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Certified Herbalist Ifarike Ajoke born Jen Elyse has created the most fruitful online herbal platform for POC and especially for WOC. She comes from a lineage of Indigenous enslaved people only three generations prior and has maintained the work of the ancestors. Ifarike's parents hardly ever went to the doctors and her grand parents never did. Afro-Indigenous medicine and healing has been passed on through the generations and remains an important part of resiliency outside of the Mother land. Her grandmother grew up on a farm where they grew all of their own food, harvested coals, fetched water from their well, and slaughtered their own animals. The importance of living close to the land was nearly lost during her parents upbringing as her grandmother only grew a small garden but she never took the 10 children to the doctors. She used Afro-Indigenous remedies to heal and remain healthy. Ifarike's Mother is her biggest inspiration as she remains loyal to her Afro-Indigenous healing methods eating organic, from the land, and providing healing within the home. With a Bachelors of Science Degree in Alternative Medicine from one of the leading non-profit environmental schools in the states, Everglades University, she has found her calling in teaching natural medicine and making products to improve the lives of everyone around her. Ifarike is a Yoruba initiate, certified doula, landscape designer, organic farmer, & yoni steam facilitator. A child of Osanyin, Olokun, Obatala, and Oshun. She has lived and worked on organic farms for 8 years and has applied her life skills to that of a teaching platform to empower all of her apprentices to reclaim their indigenous heritage. Ifarike is her family healer and offers plant therapy and healing sessions to her community at large. Her goal is to teach others the way of the humble, simple, informed, and enlightened healer. She has partnered up with various farms in Africa and created long lasting relationships with Native American scholars, influencers, healers, and spirit runners.





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