Bye Bye Bug Spray

Bye Bye Bug Spray

Bye Bye Bug Spray is a gentle, organic, natural, earth friendly spray that has Zero chemicals!

This formula is excellent for keeping the most annoying bugs away!!!

The sumer is riddled with different bugs that can just pester you... some places in nature the bugs are extremely small but pack a punch! This was formulated for just those bugs... you know the ones that leave you with PTSD.


Not only is this bug spray pleasant to smell, it doesn't leave you or your environment with that nasty phlem or coating that has to be washed off and is technically toxic to you and everyone and everything around you!


This is a SAFE bug spray! Friendly for children and elders alike! 


Stay bug free and choose Bye Bye Bug Spray! 

    • Thyme Hydorosol 
    • Lavender Hydrosol 
    • Witch-hazel
    • Lemon Grass
    • Bay Laurel
    • Citronella
    • Hyssop
    • & More potent organic, high quality, ethically sourced, local essential oils made with pure care.
    • The water in this formula is hand harvested from the mountain spring.