Wild Womb Tincture

Wild Womb Tincture

Cramp Bark is an anti-spasmodic herb meaning that it helps to lessen, prevent, and stop the cramping of the uterus. 


 Cramp Bark herb does exactly what it says on the tin – and much more. Native to the temperate regions of the Northern hemisphere, Cramp Bark has been used by herbalists and medicine men/women to treat a whole host of maladies for many centuries.

The berries were consumed as a vitamin C rich food and the bark was especially popular amongst Native Americans who used it for cramps and pains throughout the body. The Penobscot Tribe of Maine also used it to treat gout and swollen glands, whilst the Iroquois specifically used the bark to treat a prolapsed uterus post-childbirth.

According to a study published in the "Journal of Medicinal Chemistry", the antispasmodic properties of Cramp Bark are due to the presence of the coumarin derivative, scopoletin. It also contains volatile oils that help to soothe and relax the uterine cramps so commonly associated with the menstrual cycle. The bark also contains methyl salicylate which is a weak acting precursor to the salicylic acid that is used in aspirin, but much less irritating to the gastric mucosa than over the counter medications, making it beneficial for pain too.  

According to contemporary herbalists, Cramp Bark will not stop the symptoms of period pains by altering the body’s chemical pain signalling system (like analgesic drugs), instead it helps to treat the cause of the pain by releasing tension in the area the pain is coming from . For this reason it can be useful to use dose “little and often” until the cramping subsides. There is some anecdotal evidence that Cramp Bark can significantly improve menstrual migraines, possibly due to its ability to relax the muscles of the neck and upper back.

The astringent action of Cramp Bark also helps to slow down heavy menstrual bleeding and especially bleeding associated with the menopause.

Post-partum Relief

Wild Yam is another beautiful womens herb righ 

The history of Wild Yam as a medicinal herb stretches back for hundreds of years. It was popular in Central America among the Aztecs and Mayan peoples as a pain reliever and digestive aid.

Wild Yam root is perhaps most famous for its ability to support women in the health of their reproductive systems. With powerful antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, Wild Yam is often prescribed by herbalists to relieve menstrual cramps and chronic pelvic pain. Helping the uterus to work more efficiently during menses, this uterine support allows for proper function of the uterus whilst working to prevent cramping and spasms.  

Known as the “Queen of the Flowers”, Rose is perhaps one of the most ancient medicinal plants known to humans, with fossil records showing it is at least 35 million years old! From ancient times until the present day, the humble Rose has been used and recommended for various ailments including; wounds, inflammation, skin health, women's health, stomach complaints, headache, dizziness, grief and heartache, and colds & flu (to name just a few).



Ingredients: Organic Corn Alcohol, Spring water, Cramp Bark, Wild Yam, and Wild Hand Harvested Roses (100% Organic hand harvested or ethically sourced herbs)

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2 oz Jar