Moss + Rose Hair Food

Moss + Rose Hair Food

Time to bring the soothing, cooling, and healing benefits of Irish Moss into your beauty care routine. Nourish your hair with this ancient formula of Irish Moss, Chébé extract, and Rose in Avocado butter. Chébé is a blend of Indigenous plants powderized in Chad Africa used by the Chadian women to grow long, dark, and strong hair. Use this hair food to moisturize and strengthen the hair or as a deep conditioner.


Here is a sneak peak into some of the benefits of this herbal hair food: 


Irish Moss~ This moss is excellent and highly effective at treating difficult and dry scalp as well as poor scalp conditions. Irish moss is a strong antifungal, emollient, mucilaginous tonic. Meaning this moss is extremely moistening to the scalp and to the hair. Irish moss is known traditionally to heal chapped skin and thus is supportive to dry, itchy, inflammed scalp conditions.


Chébé ~ This powder is a blend of indigenous herbs named for its main ingredient, the croton gratissimus grain, which is called "chébé" in Chad. The ingredient also inspired the name of a chébé beauty ritual performed by the women of the nomadic tribes of Chad, who famously have long, healthy hair. Though chébé is famously known as the African hair growth miracle, traditionally the women use chébé to protect, strengthen, and maintain their hair. 


Amla seed ~ Amla is native to India and is used by the women there to treat hair thinning and prevent the hair from turning gray. Amla is high in Vitamin C and E and is a powerful antioxidant known to prevent aging and heal cancer. Amla is also an alkaline super berry that boosts the immune system, detoxifys the body, and enhances brain function. Amla is a powerful hair tonic and medicine, promoting hair growth, improving the quality of the hair, and preventing baldness. 


Organic ethically sourced ingredients of :

Aloe Vera Oil

Amla Seed oil

Carrot Seed Oil

Black castor oil

Rosemary antioxidants

Chébé extract

Rose oil + extract

Irish Moss Gel 

Avocado butter

+ more....