Palmetto Healing for Women

Palmetto Healing for Women

This sacred tincture regulate hormones, and address issues such as hair thinning and  balding in women, excess unhealthy estogens, PMS, infertility + more.

A powerful formula for addressing the needs of women at all stages in life. Hormonal support + Fertility boosting + Uterine womb supporting medicine.


Some benefits of the herbs in this formula include 


Saw Palmetto ~


Decreaes bad estrogens in the body and promotes healthy reproductive organs in both men and women. Saw Palmetto has an effect on the mammory glands meaning if a womans breast has not fully developed, this herb will help enlargen the breasts. If a woman has had multiple miscarriages due to thyroid diseases, Saw Palmetto will reverse this condition, and increase fertility. Saw Palmetto will also stop the overproductive of male hormones within the woman, and help to address male patterned baldness in women a symptom of the condition hirsutism.  A nutritive stimulating tonic, with aphrodiasiac properties known to heal male patterned baldness in women, enhance the size of a womans breast and rid the body of excess androgen ( a male hormone responsible for excess hair growth on the body and balding of the hair on the head). 


Vitex berry ~


Chaste tree also known as Vitex berry has been known for its ability to harmonize difficult menstruation, premenstrual syndrome and symtpoms (nasuea, constipation, depression, headache) , and heal cramps. This berry is also revered for it's ability to reverse infertility and increases breast milk supply. A wonderful medicine for women at any stage in life, as it is also known to heal menopausal symptoms such as night sweats and mood disorders. Vitex berry is used as a supplement for women who are coming off the pill, to regulate, and normalize their menstrual cycles. Also used for uterine conditions such as endometriosis.


+ more


Organic Ingredients: Saw Palmetto, Black Cohosh & Vitex Berry, Organic Corn Alcohol, Hand Harvested Spring Water
2 oz Jar
Directions: 1-2 dropper fulls in water/ juice/ tea 2-3 x daily. Do Not Take if Pregnant.