Calm Mama Tincture

Calm Mama Tincture

Sacred & supportive medicine for postpartum Mamas! Oat Straw, Blue Vervain, and Milk thistle are all emmenagogues, meaning they have an affinity for increasing breast milk production (ie. lactation). These beautiful plants were hand harvested on an organic farm and in the beautiful mountains of California. Oat straw is a nervine as well as Blue Vervain , helping to protect and calm the nervous system. We could all use a dose of relaxation, especially after stressful, traumatizing, or even extremely blissful life events. Our adrenals begin to go into over drive and what a better way to calm our psychological systems than by starting with our sacred crown chakra, our nervous system. The nervous system sends signals through out the entire body, meaning it works very hard to help keep us in homeostasis. A part of self-care, is mental health and wellness. This beautiful tincture will support any new Mama in need and bring forth a calming and relaxing sensation, while also supporting healthy lactation. With the added benefits of Milk Thistles gentle detoxing abilities, this sacred spiky plant also has healing medicinal actions for the nervous system, the skin, and supports healthy milk production. May the power of plants be with you now sisters. Note this tincture is useful for any one masculine identifying or feminine at any stage in life ~ 


Organic and wild harvested Oat Straw (Avena Sativa), Blue Vervain, and Milk Thistle with hand harvested mountain spring water in organic pure corn alcohol. 


Oat Straw ~ According to some studies, oat straw boosts memory; improves focus, and enhances concentration. Is effective for treating fluid retention, obesity, skin eruptions, urinary tract infections, lymphatic swelling, kidney stones, nerve inflammation, and kidney stone . Oat straw also has high silica content, and is largely responsible for healthy nails, skin, hair, and bones. It helps relieves muscle cramps, boosts teeth and nerve sheaths. According to some studies, oat straw is effective as an aphrodisiac and has been found to increase sexual desire and promote blood circulation. 


Blue Vervain ~ Blue vervain is an excellent natural remedy for those annoying seasonal complaints like the cold and the flu. People over the years in various parts of the world have used the plant as a remedy for congestion and other cold symptoms. Helps treat severe cases of anxiety, a cup before bed may just help soothe your nerves and let you sleep more peacefully. Blue vervain has also been used in the past to help people overcome depression. According to traditional use of the plant, it can help relieve pain and reduce the severity of cramping during your time of the month. Its ability to enhance mood can also be a blessing for women during their menstrual cycle. Blue vervain is one of a number of herbs that is believed to help stimulate milk production. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please make sure that you consult your doctor before taking any herbal remedies. 



Milk thistle ~ helps reduce oxidative stress. Milk thistle helps with the hormone prolactin, which is responsible for milk production. Milk thistle is a phytoestrogen. When a woman’s estrogen levels are low (like during menopause and postmenopause), milk thistle may have a slight estrogenic effect. Some women find this helpful for symptoms like hot flashes and insomnia. But along with reducing menopause symptoms, milk thistle is important because it improves bone health. It prevents bone loss and even affects bone growth, speeding up healing after a fracture. milk thistle is also believed to improve your immune function by increasing the production of white blood cells, which are the cells of your immune system. A study found that milk thistle can suppress the migration of cervical and breast cancer cells by killing them. Lastly, milk thistle is believed to increase breast milk supply by working as a galactagogue.