Spring Floresence Skin and Hair Serum

Spring Floresence Skin and Hair Serum

Spring is near~ 


Freshen, rejuvenate, and enliven your skin with the Indigi Golden Herbals facial serum.

This Spring Floresence serum is wonderful for all skin types and is hand crafted in small batches using organic, local, and hand harvested ingredients. 


In the clinically proven beautifying base of organic cold pressed Sweet Almond oil, known to bring deep penetrating moisture into the skin while also providing effective healing to the pores. Our medicines are prayed over, created on auspicious days, and formulated for the highest efficacy and potency. This formula contains our favorite spring time herbs that are literally in full bloom during the spring time such as calendula, yarrow, nettle, rose prickly pear, borage, chamomile + more.


Bring nature into your skin! Here are some of the herbal benefits in our Skin and Hair Serum 


Stinging Nettle ~ 


Eczema, chicken pox, and other skin diseases can be treated with nettle leaf . It is antibacterial and antiviral in nature and nettle leaves can be applied on the affected areas and even insect bites can be treated used this solution. Nettle is also wonderful for treating acne and skin blemishes. A great hair tonic that helps generate new growth of hair and also prevents the hair against hair fall trouble, nettle leaves oil and tea should be applied on the scalp regularly. It contains silica and sulphur that is vital to hair health and makes the hair follicles strong and healthy. Shampoo the hair with nettle leaf tea for shine and volume.


Yarrow ~


Yarrow is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is known to heal acne and skin flare ups.

 Yarrow is applied to the skin (topically) to help relieve pain, irritation, bruising and even swelling. However, it’s the dark blue essential oil that really contains all the amazing qualities which is an ingredient in the Spring Floresence oil.




Calendula Extract and petals are scientifically tested to provide long term support and supply of discomfort-reducing compounds which aid to ease problematic skin. EachCalendula petal contains five compounds—Oleanic Acid, Lupeol, Quercetin, α Amyrin and β Amyrin. These efficacious compounds have been studied and are known to provide antioxidant protection, soothe skin, reduce discomfort, and has calming detoxification properties. Calendula is used for its calming, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, and skin toning properties.


+ More amazing benefits




Organic Ingredients: Yarrow, Rose, and Lemon balm, Calendula Extract, Rosemary Antioxidants, Sweet Almond Oil, Borage oil, Prickly pear oil, Stinging Nettle Essential oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Red Raspberry oil, Yarrow Essential oil, Rosehip oil. 
2 oz Jar 
Directions: 1-2 drops in palm of hand, use index finger to gently massage onto facial skin or use 1/2 a dropper full of oil for massaging the scalp and hair.