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Ekklesia Hawkins
Apr 11, 2022
Drinking Pau D’arco, I felt it touch my root, sacral and heart. I felt more inspired to do more also while being sweetly comforted by this herb. My body felt rejuvenated and I noticed the inflammation I was feeling in my right knee decreased. My vaginal felt more floral and I noticed I had less discharge ovulating. When I added the tea into my bath I noticed how soft my skin felt and also how feminine I felt at that moment. Grounded in grace and gratitude I enjoyed embracing Pau D’arco. It's replenishing,warming and rejuvenating. Getting creative, I chose to make reishi chocolate sauce with caco nibs. It was delicious! My mind, heart & womb felt restored. I’ve grown to adore my new relationship reishi. I’m still learning to respect the taste for what it is and fully embrace the raw essence of this spirit. I loved how it made my body feel. My mind felt relieved from brain fog & I found myself more intentional and focused. Grateful I get to strengthen my bond with reishi on my herbal journey as well as the other herbs introduced to me through this course. Lastly, elderberry simple infusion for the win! I just loved the taste of elderberry. Spending time with this herb felt so good to my soul. My immune and respiratory system couldn’t thank this spirit enough! Whether it was a cold infusion or hot infusion, my body enjoyed all that elderberry had to offer and more. I chose to work with these herbs because I felt it was what my body needed at the time and I’m so glad I listened.
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