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Chelsea McCoy
Aug 27, 2022
In General Discussions
Hi everyone! For my first week of drinking a nourishing herb, I chose nettle. When I was on vacation with my partner, we wondered into a small mystical shop where they had dried local nettles and I felt gravitated to purchase and them a try for my first week! I will say, that the immediate communication that my body has with nettles is one of extreme relaxation. Slowly drinking nettles allows me to feel deeply rooted in the moment and an incredibly deep sense of gratitude for all that is currently unfolding. This feeling manifests as a warm spot in my chest. Sometimes I do still feel their gentle sting as I allow the tea to slowly make it's way down my digestive tract. Strangely enough the only other physical sensation I got from drinking nettles was arm numbness on around my 3rd day of digestion as a tea. I also ingested it as a tonic for 2 days and that brought me feelings of euphoria. Drinking nettles as a tonic gave me energy and raised my vibrations quickly and easily. Based on my short experience with this herb, it's so clear to me how and why it associated with your heart chakra. <3